Dp Dermaceuticals CLINIPREP

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STEP 1 : Skin Hygiene 

CLINIPREP is a ground-breaking technology that offers significant benefits over existing medical skin disinfectants and pre-procedure cleansers. Providing the ultimate in skin disinfection, this formula is pH neutral, dermatologically tested, and contains no alcohol, parabens or fragrances. 

Designed to be used pre-, during and post-treatments.

Method of Use: Apply directly onto the skin or use a wet pad and wipe on gently. Ensure the area is thoroughly wet for each application. For best results and rapid skin recovery, CLINIPREP should be applied frequently (up to 3 times a day).

Ideal for: Suitable cleanser/toner for everyday treatment for those with problematic/acne skin types. Dermapen Treatment Non-Negotiable.

Performance Ingredients: Latest hypochlorous technology.

Dp Dermaceuticals CLINIPREP

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